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Bathroom Remodeling, Windows & Doors in Acme, PA

Mt. Pleasant Window and Remodeling has been the leading specialist in the bathroom and home remodeling since 1975. Our certified crew is trusted by thousands of homeowners across Acme. We have four decades of experience regarding bathroom remodeling and upgrade projects. We can provide you convenient solutions for your bathroom’s remodeling needs. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our reviews page to see why so many homeowners rely on us for bathroom remodeling services.

Our Exclusive Home Improvement Services Include:

Bathroom Remodeling

Make your bathroom both functional and beautiful with our bathroom remodeling services.


Mt. Pleasant Window and Remodeling uses window installation experts to upgrade your home’s appearance, value and efficiency.

Entry Doors

We have several types of Pro Via Entry Doors available with a wide variety of clear & decorative glass designs to meet your own specific style.

Patio Doors

Quality, Reliability & Customization.Let us help you make your patio door become a clean, simple and elegant entryway.

Durable & Quality Doors in Acme

Patio Doors

All of our products are built for years of quality performance and comfort, for every season. We offer several models of reliable and aesthetically pleasing patio doors of both the popular Kensington and Pro Via brands. Our patio doors are available in various materials including fiberglass, steel & vinyl. If you are looking for beautiful patio doors for your home, look no further. We have a wide collection of delightful patio doors just for you. Choose from our collection of: 

Durable & Quality Doors in Acme

Entry Doors

Elegant entry doors make a huge impact on your guest’s impression of your home. Upgrading to an enhanced entryway will dramatically increase your home's look and value to visitors and potential purchasers. Additionally, it will also give your energy-saving features as all of our doors are Energy Star qualified, ensuring you recurring savings because of their airtight properties. Entry doors we offer in Acme include:

Entry Doors in Acme

Elegant & Affordable Bathroom Remodel Designs

Your bathroom plays an important role in making your overall home attractive. Moreover, when you take a shower, you would want to feel comfortable and relaxed. Our elegant choice of color and design will surely make your bathroom feel more vibrant and stylish. We can take on all sorts of bathroom remodeling projects such as shower remodel, bath remodel, walk-in showers, walk-in tubs, and more. If you are interested in remodeling your bathroom or shower, make sure to call us TODAY at 724-200-8494.

Customer Reviews from Acme
Terry & Theresa T. from Acme, PA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
May 7th, 2018
Completed Jobs from Acme
John & Joanne S.
February 27, 2019
We installed 3 unvented glass block windows
Paul & Ruth B.
March 1, 2018
Donna M.
May 1, 2018
We installed an energy efficient sliding glass patio door
Don & Kim L.
May 1, 2018
We installed a Provia: 20 guage smooth steel door and a Provia Spectrum storm door
Larry & Jennifer H.
October 30, 2017
We installed energy efficient. vinyl replacement windows that are dual pane with Krypton gas
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