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One of the quickest ways to add beauty and value to your home is by installing a set of energy-efficient replacement windows. Not only will your home instantly look better because of the window upgrade, but you will begin saving significant money every month in lower utility bills. That qualifies as a win-win proposition for customers in Pittsburgh, Uniontown, Latrobe, and other cities we serve throughout the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

For almost a half-century, Mt. Pleasant Window & Remodeling has set the industry standard for window installation in the Greater Pittsburgh metropolitan area. Our home renovation experts know how to upgrade your home’s appearance, value, and efficiency by matching the right set of replacement windows with your home's decor. We offer both wood and vinyl replacement windows, we have a wide array of styles and colors to match any home decor.

Replacement Windows

Reasons to Replace Your Windows with Mt. Pleasant

With the right set of energy-efficient replacement windows, you can instantly increase your home’s look, value, and functionality without making major structural renovations. Because the new windows will eliminate air leaks, such a move will stop those unwanted chilly drafts that enter your home on cold winter nights and the pesky hot air that seeps in on warm, humid summer days. If your current windows allow even the slightest draft, you have lost the ability to control your indoor temperature. Regain that control with a set of replacement windows that upgrade your curb appeal while lowering your utility bills in the process.

When you want your replacement windows installation done right, and at a customer-friendly price, contact Mt. Pleasant Window & Remodeling. We offer a wide range of window styles, textures, and colors to fit every price range and every style of home decor.

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Benefits of Installing Replacement Windows by Mt. Pleasant

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Energy Savings: If you have not replaced your windows within the past decade, you are wasting significant money each month on your utility bill because of outdated windows. Today's newer technology offers far superior energy efficiency. Replacing just one single-pane window with an energy-efficient window could save you as much as $400 annually in the Pittsburgh area on your heating and cooling bills. Replacing multiple windows only increases the savings.

Studies show that windows that have been in your home for 10 years or more leave your home susceptible to outside drafts that increase your energy bills. Let us bring your bills down to size and stop allowing unwanted outside air into your comfortable, controlled-temperature home.

Minimal Maintenance: At Mt. Pleasant, all of our replacement windows are made of wood, vinyl, or a combination of both. All of these options require minimal maintenance because the casings we install do not need painting and the cleaning process is simple, both inside and out. Stop letting dirt and dust diminish the look of your windows. Add some replacement windows and cut back on the need for excessive maintenance.

Control Your Indoor Temperature: Outdated, drafty windows will cause you to lose control of your home's indoor temperatures because of air leaks. Whether it is chilly winter air or hot summer air seeping in, you have no real control over your indoor temperature as long as the drafts exist. Eradicate those unwanted air leaks with a set of replacement windows and regain control over your indoor air temperatures.

Boost Your Home Valuation: By installing a set of new vinyl or wood replacement windows from Mt. Pleasant, you can add thousands of dollars to the value of a standard home overnight. Many window replacement projects recoup more than 75% of the cost outlay. Along with the additional energy savings you will gain from lower energy bills, you actually may wind up saving money over the long haul.

For almost a half-century, Mt. Pleasant Window & Remodeling has offered a wide array of window sizes, shapes, colors, and textures to match your favorite style of home decor. We serve customers throughout the Greater Pittsburgh metro area.

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When you are ready to upgrade the look of your home with a set of top-quality, energy-efficient, replacement windows, you need to contact the proven professionals from Mt. Pleasant Window & Remodeling. For the past half-century, our company has set the industry standard for superior replacement windows, entry doors, and bathroom remodeling services for customers in Pittsburgh, Uniontown, Latrobe, and other cities we serve throughout the Greater Pittsburgh Area. When you need our products and services, give us a call at 724-200-8494 for more information or click here to set up an appointment today.

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