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Remodeling and renovating your home is not an easy project to undertake. Not only will it require careful planning but also qualified professionals to get the results that you are paying for. In Pittsburgh, PA the company to trust with this task is Mt. Pleasant Window & Remodeling.

Our team delivers superior remodeling services to our customers, no matter what the remodel and renovation work they need. Whether you need replacement windows, entry doors, patio doors, and siding, we have the professionals who can help you. With more than 4 decades of industry experience and our commitment to delivering high quality work, you can rest assured that you get the remodel that you want and need.

We work with you and we work within your budget to give you the remodel that you require. Our process begins with a consultation and a discussion regarding your remodeling and renovation needs. We can make suggestions and recommendations based on your plans and on your budget.

High-Quality Replacement and Remodel Services

We have a long list of services that you can avail of to help improve your home. These replacement and remodeling services include:

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  • Replacement Windows – replacing your windows is something you need to do when you notice a number of things. These include an increase in energy consumption, draftiness, and difficulty in opening and closing your windows. You also need to replace your windows when you notice cracks in the glass, sagging frames, and other problems that indicate these are in disrepair.
  • Entry Doors – your entry doors are an important part of your home since these not only set the tone for your residence but it also establishes security and safety within. There are many entry doors for you to choose from and these include steel doors, storm doors, fiberglass doors, and French doors.
  • Patio Doors – getting to your patio with ease is dependent on the kind of door that you have leading to it. There are many different kinds you can choose from and these include sliding, swing, and hinged designs.
  • Siding – did you know that your siding can actually help improve the energy efficiency of your home? If you choose to install siding with insulation, you will definitely improve your home’s capability of keeping conditioned air within while keeping the temperature outside from penetrating through. Your siding can also improve the aesthetic quality of your home, giving you a better-looking home with minimal effort.

Contact Mt. Pleasant Window & Remodeling for Your Remodel and Replacement Needs

Whatever your remodel or replacement plans are, in Pittsburgh PA, the company you should call is Mt. Pleasant Window & Remodeling. We offer not only the best service in the business but also superior customer care and high-quality products for your remodel and replacement requirements. We even offer financing options for those remodeling plans that you want to get done now but need financial help realizing.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out how we can help you remodel your home and replace your windows, doors, and siding. Call us at 724-264-3252 and schedule your free estimate today. 

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Customer Reviews from Pittsburgh
Daniella N. from Pittsburgh, PA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Aug 10th, 2017
Danielle T from Pittsburgh, PA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Facebook
Jan 29th, 2017
Joe B from Pittsburgh, PA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Facebook
Apr 19th, 2015
Jessie from Pittsburgh, PA
4 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jan 19th, 2015
I have been wanting to replace my windows for awhile now because I could feel a draft coming in from a few different windows. I wasnt sure which brands were the best, but when I talked to Mt Pleasant they helped me make the best decision and weren;t just trying to make a sale.
Victoria M from Pittsburgh, PA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Facebook
Jan 12th, 2012
Completed Jobs from Pittsburgh
Ray & Mary J.
May 1, 2018
We installed energy efficient vinyl replacement windows as follows: 2-3 section casements, 4-2 section casements
George & Kay H.
May 16, 2018
We installed custom made, Provia, textured fiberglass entry door and a storm door
Anthony M.
June 18, 2018
We installed energy efficient, vinyl, replacement windows that are dual pane filled with Low E Argon gas
Rachael & Jared K.
December 4, 2017
We replaced their windows with our dual pane, low e Argon gas filled replacement windows.
Quantum double hung windows after Daniella N.
August 8, 2017
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