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Architectural Wood Windows Installation in Pittsburgh

Replacement Architectural Wood Windows

Architectural Wood Windows allow you to design a unique look for your house. They are “static” windows, which means that they do not open. However, they add personality and extra light to any style of home. If you would like to create a truly custom look, architectural wood windows are an excellent choice.

Architectural Wood Window Styles

Give your home a customized look and feel with the warmth that only wood can give. Architectural shapes include:

Architectural Wood Windows Installation in Pittsburgh
  • Semi-circles
  • Half-round
  • Triangle
  • Eyebrow or half eyebrow
  • Circle
  • Cathedral
  • Arch or Quarter Arch
  • Octagon, pentagon, hexagon
  • Fan

Half-round and semi-circles with spokes are often placed above rectangular double-hung windows or entry doors to give the idea of more vertical space in a home.

All of these shapes can be designed to complement your other window’s grid shapes.

Architectural Wood Windows Installation in Pittsburgh Architectural Wood Windows Installation in Pittsburgh

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Other Customization Choices

You can pick:

Wood architectural windows are often designed with different kinds of glass:

Architectural wood windows are energy-efficient, too. While they allow more light into your house, they don’t allow the cold air in during our Pittsburgh winters, and they keep heat out during hot, humid summers.

If you’ve always wanted to have wood architectural windows, give Mt. Pleasant Window a call. We can show you pictures of what’s been done in homes that are similar to yours. We’d love to help you make your home stand out.

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