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Energy Efficient Glass Installation in Pittsburg, PA

We Offer The Ultimate, Energy Efficient Glass

That's Good Enough And Green Enough For The Empire State Building!


The Empire State Building has become one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the United States in large part because of Heat Mirror Technology. The Empire State Building upgraded its 6,514 dual pane windows with heat mirror technology, the same technology used in our Genesis window system. The project reused all of the existing glass and created super insulating glass units in a dedicated processing space located on-site in the building.

The integrated energy efficiency upgrades are targeted to:

  • Reduce energy use by 38%
  • Save $4.4 million per year in energy costs
  • Save 105,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide over the next 15 years, equivalent to the annual emissions of 17,500 cars. (Source:
  • Pay for themselves in 3 years

Advantages of Heat Mirror® Technology in your home:

Mixing film and glass-based coatings creates a lightweight, multi-chamber insulating glass unit that reflects heat and harmful UV radiation while maximizing light transmission, and provides superior insulating performance.

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Benefits of Heat Mirror® glazing in products used by Mt. Pleasant Window & Remodeling:

Triple Pane vs Heat Mirror® Comparison Chart

The chart below shows how triple-pane windows compare to Kensington High Performance Products in several categories: Thermal performance, weight, winter glass temperature, UV blockage and more. Kensington High Performance Products outperform triple-pane windows in every category.

Window R-Value Avg. Winter Glass Temp. (F) SHGC Weight Per Ft UV Blockage Tuned Solar Control System
Kensington High Performance Products Up to R-10+ 65 .20-.60 3.4 99% Yes
Triple Pane w/Low-E Up to R-5 65 .27 5.1 94% No

R-Value: the higher the number the better the insulating value

SHGC: the lower the number the more comfortable the window in the summer heat, while a high number can be used on certain elevations for passive winter-time heating.

STC Rating: the higher the number the better the sound abatement.

Weight per ft: important to keep weight low to minimize wear on operating hardware.

Tuned solar control: the ability to provide windows/gass with different R-value, SHGC, and visible light characteristics to maximize comfort and energy efficiency.


Heat Mirror® Glass systems achieve warmer interior glass temperatures in winter (and cooler in summer), which makes sitting, working and playing near windows enjoyable. Ideal for any climate, we believe that the combination of improved thermal performance, reduced condensation and blockage of 99.5% of UV rays makes this the premier window solution for homes in the Western Pennsylvania area.

Heat Mirror Glass


Heat Mirror® Glass delivers premium thermal performance — without compromising natural daylight. According to studies, increased exposure to natural daylight reduces fatigue, improves sleep quality, encourages positive moods, increases alertness as well as improves visual performance. Could our windows make your quality of life better? We can’t guarantee that, but we do guarantee the maximization of thermal performance daylight by ensuring high transmittance of visible light through the glass.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient With the Heat Mirror Glass Technology

If you are wanting the best in window and glass technology, you can't go wrong with the Kensington Heat Mirror Glass available in the Genesis window system. Call 724-200-8494 or contact us via our contact form to schedule your in home consultation.


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