When Should You Change Your Windows

Changing The Windows In Your Home

You may plan out your next home paint project or save up for new flooring, but window replacement is often at the bottom of the to-do list. Home remodeling should include a replacement window consideration, especially because most older homes have energy-wasting, single-pane models. Mt. Pleasant Window & Remodeling Company, out of Pittsburgh, PA, understands that it is difficult to know when windows are necessary. Take a look at a few suggestions to keep your home energy efficient over the years.

Timing Your Purchase

When Should You Change Your Windows

Most modern windows last for several decades, but older designs do not have the same durability. Start inspecting your windows after 15 years of age. Look at the window itself, along with its frame. Window replacement is necessary if the glass is cracked, for example, along with any broken locks or latches. You want your windows to be energy efficient, but also secure when you are not at home. Windows that do not lock are a security hazard. A home remodeling project is a perfect time to go over replacement window quotes.

Drafts And Leaks

If you notice that the house feels drafty, even with the windows closed, it is time for a window replacement. Drafts occur around the glass pane. It may not be secured to the frame anymore, allowing swift winds to move through the home. If you do not opt for a replacement window project, even rainwater can leak into the home. With a large storm, rain can pelt the window, dripping down onto the frame. If the frame and glass separate, your interior forms a leak that can damage drywall, wood and flooring.

Visible Decay

On a clear day, look at all the exterior frames. Weathering is the main culprit of window decay, including rot and warping. Old wood frames slowly break apart, allowing moisture and pests to infiltrate the frame’s interior. A home remodeling project can include new wood frames to rejuvenate the home’s exterior appearance. Metal frames, in contrast, do not break apart, but can warp. Bent frames damage the structural opening, along with the glass. Window replacement is critical in these situations.

Increasing Energy Bills

As you analyze your monthly electric and gas bills, they should be relatively consistent between months. However, decaying windows allow air conditioning and heating to escape. Excessively high energy bills often indicate it is time for a replacement window project.

Closing And Opening Issues

If it takes the strength of two people to open or close the windows, a home remodeling project, including windows, is critical. The window’s issue is structural damage or decay from weathering and use. Replacing the windows allows you to slide the glass panes easily everyday.

Contact us online or call us today at 724-200-8494 for all your window replacement needs. They offer a quality installation with windows at fair prices. From single- to double-pane models, you have a huge selection of windows to update your home’s look. If you are considering a home remodeling project, replacing windows boosts your property value, especially if you plan on selling soon.

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