What Type of Entry Door is Right For You?

Entry Door

As a barrier between your house and the outdoors, entry doors do more than just close off one space from another. They are also a basic part of any home’s security. In addition, they need to effectively keep out the elements and noise. Since they’re visible to passers-by, they need to look their best. If your current ones are no longer doing one or more of these jobs, it’s time to replace them. Then again, it may be that they’re just too plain and it’s time to upgrade as part of a home remodeling. To help in deciding on what to replace them with, here’s a rundown of the main types of exterior doors that a business like Mt. Pleasant Window & Remodeling Co. will carry.

  • Wooden Doors

    The oldest kind of exterior replacement door is one made of wood. Of all the kinds available, this is arguably the most attractive. In terms of security, solid wooden doors are quite formidable. Also, with a solid-core replacement door, exterior sounds are effectively muffled. On the other hand, door replacement with a wooden door means routine painting, staining, or sealing to guard against both weathering and sun bleaching. Also, keep in mind that unless the door has a foam core, it will not be very insulative.

  • Steel

    Because this type of replacement door usually has a foam core, it’s a bit lighter than a solid-core wooden door. The foam core also helps slow heat loss and block noise. With a layer of steel on each side, this door replacement provides lots of security against intruders. Overall, this type of door is pretty easy to maintain.

  • Fiberglass

    This kind of door replacement is constructed in a similar manner to the steel door. The main difference is that the foam core is sandwiched between two sheets of fiberglass instead of steel. It’s lighter than steel but still retains a lot of strength. It also resists the elements quite well. If you’re home remodeling is being done on a budget, this type is usually the most affordable.

  • Glass

    There are two basic types in this category, sliding doors and French doors. In both cases, these doors are limited to entryways that are wide enough to accommodate them. Glass can easily handle rough weather and only require occasional cleaning. If you’re considering one for your home remodeling, remember that tempered glass is surprisingly strong but offers no insulation. Between either type of glass replacement door, French doors can completely open up to provide a wide entryway.

  • Storm Doors

    Since any type of entry door replacement has it’s shortcomings, a great way overcome any of them with the inclusion of a storm or screen door as part of your home remodeling. These doors are specifically made to handle the harshest conditions, even the worst Pittsburgh has to offer. By creating a dead air space, they provide extra insulation and noise suppression. Like sliding and French doors, they also allow you to let in sunlight and fresh air when you desire.

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