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The Effects of Condensation on Your Windows

Each year, the American window installation market earns more than $6 billion in revenue annually. Over 50,000 people in this country work for a company that does window installation. Yet, folks might not feel as pressured to spend so much money on brand new windows every year if those same people knew some ways to make their current windows last as long as possible.

A lot of people don't realize that condensation can cause your windows to break down and wear out faster than they should be wearing out. It’s extremely important to know how to respond when finding condensation on the windows in your home, primarily during the winter months of the year. This is to help prevent having to pay to replace your windows, which can get pretty expensive.

So what are the effects of condensation on your windows? Where does condensation come from? Read on to learn all about the most important things to understand about how to respond to finding condensation on your windows!

Causes of Condensation

The Causes Condensation on Windows

Window condensation happens when moisture that is in the air comes in contact with a cold surface. The glass that is in your window panes can become quite cold, especially during the winter. If you pair that with your home being a very humid environment, you can end up having condensation on your windows. The humidity inside your home starts to collect on the cold windows and will begin to form beads of moisture.

If you are finding condensation on the windows of your home, this could indicate that you may have one or more of the following issues. You might have a problem with the insulation in your home. The worse off your insulation in your home is, the more likelihood cold spots will develop. Even if you think the insulation in your home is good, a gap in one part may cause a window pane that gets colder than others.

High humidity in your home can also lead to condensation. This is normal if your home is in a humid climate. However, condensation on your windows could be a sign that your home has high levels of humidity.

Reduction of Condensation

Reducing the Condensation

Understanding how to reduce condensation can help you design ways to help solve this problem. You might decide that you will manage your window condensation by reducing the humidity in your home. This can be solved by purchasing a dehumidifier, which is affordable and easy to use.

Your problem also may come from an issue with your insulation. This will more than likely to be the cause if you are noticing spots in your home that seem drafty and/or cool. You may try to solve the problem by filling in any gaps that are in the insulation of your home. Sometimes these gaps in insulation will be around your doors or other parts of the home. Unfortunately, sometimes the problem with the insulation is by your windows.

If this is the case with your insulation, you could be forced to find a window repair service. Finding a quality window installation and repair service could also be necessary to deal with the aftereffects of condensation on the windows.

Affect of Condensation

How Condensation Can Affect the Lifespan of Your Window

What effect does the damage from condensation have on your windows? When the beads of moisture form on the inside of the window panes, gravity will start to pull them down. These beads of moisture will travel farther and farther down the window until they find an area where they can soak into. This can lead to damage to your window frames.

If your window frames are made from wood, they will end up collecting all of this moisture. Even a few days of collecting drops from the condensation on the windows could lead to significant water absorption in these frames. Your window frames may swell up, crack or show signs of damage.

Issues with your window frames can also cause a domino effect. The condensation that is on your windows leads to damaged window frames, which can lead to poor insulation around your windows.

These issues can also allow humid air from outside inside your home. This can result in even more condensation on your windows. When this condensation causes further damage to the window frames, you will end up with a worsening condensation problem.

The unfortunate result for your windows will be them wearing out much faster than usual. Even if you don’t notice severe problems with your windows, you may find that your windows start to develop recurring issues as years drop off the window’s typical lifespan.

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