Spring Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning in the Spring

Do you smell that warm air in the distance? It is spring approaching, which means that spring cleaning is approaching as well. Dirt, dust, and other debris have accumulated on and around your windows and window panes. Opening your widows to let in the breeze of spring will do wonders at un-stuffing and re-circulating stale winter air. But that may not be enough to rid of all the left over season’s dust. For such scenarios, spring window cleaning is a must.

A window is more than glass. So you must do more than only wipe the glass down to call a window clean. There are a few steps to be taken for achieving fully clean windows for spring, and these steps are short and worth taking.

Spring Window Cleaning

Safety First

Be aware of the height of which the window you are cleaning is stationed. If you need to use a ladder to reach the window, be sure to have someone else with you for safety precautions. Don’t lean out of high-up windows without proper safeguards from falling out, nor attempt to clean damaged or broken glass. Doing these things or similar will put you in dangerous situations. Following safety guidelines will ensure that you’re spring window cleaning is completed safely.

Clear and Clean the Surrounding Window Frames

Now that your window’s glass is cleaned, also wiping down surrounding window frames will make your windows look brighter and stunning. Over the colder seasons, things like salt, leaves, and other debris get trapped in window corners, but once removed, along with wiping the window pane itself down, your entire window will be appropriately spring-cleaned and ready for the new season.

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Clean the Interior Window Glass

Spray window cleaner directly on to the indoor glass. Using paper towels, or similar, wipe the glass gently but firmly from top to bottom. If your paper towel gets too damp, use another dry one to prevent streaking. This will leave you with clean, smudge-free interior window glass.

Clean the Exterior Window Glass

Spray the same window cleaner that you used on the inside, on the outside glass in the same fashion. Again, wiping the glass from top to bottom will remove smudges, dirt and other debris. By cleaning both the interior and exterior glass, the window itself will be invisibly clear. Cleaning only the inner or outer glass will still reveal the unclean side’s imperfections.

Check & Reseal Exterior Caulking

Exterior caulking greatly helps to seal and insulate your windows. If exterior caulking is cracked or damaged in any way, that seal of insulation will not perform well against issues such as seasonal drafts or moisture leaks. By checking and, if necessary, resealing damaged exterior caulking, you can ensure that your window’s caulking is providing a proper seal. We recommend that you check window caulking a minimum of twice each year, both before and after winter. If any caulking is damaged, re-caulk the damaged areas with a high quality silicone sealant. Silicone sealant is more flexible and durable than latex type caulking.

If the above steps only produce mediocre results, you may be due for window replacements from us at Mt. Pleasant Window and Remodeling. Wood windows from us at Mt. Pleasant Window, for instance, are a great option to consider. Our ProVia wood windows are waterproof and come in a variety of finishes and configurations, to meet each one of your specific needs.

With Mt. Pleasant window, neither cleaning nor replacing windows has to be a hassle. Complete the above recommended steps for spring window cleaning, or contact us today for wood and other window replacement options from Mt. Pleasant.

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