Replacement Window Style Guide for Homeowners in Pittsburgh, PA

With fuel costs at record highs, now more than ever homeowners are paying closer attention to their windows. With heating bills on pace for potential record highs this winter, many people are considering their options for replacement windows.

With so many styles and options out there, some homeowners may be wondering how to choose the right windows for their home. Mt. Pleasant Window & Remodeling Co. has decided to help make that research a little less challenging by summarizing the most common window styles our company sells, all in one, convenient place!

While there are many types of windows to pick from, we start our guide with the most common style available:


Double hung windows are the most common style of windows we offer. These types of windows are used on a variety of home styles, from ranch style homes to modern housing communities. They are made up of two large frames, or sashes if you want to get technical, that slide up and down on vertical tracks. One of the major benefits of double hung windows is that they allow for great air movement and ventilation for your home. Pulling down the very top sash while opening the bottom can allow for warmer air to flow out and cooler air to flow in on very hot days. Another additional benefit is that the vertical tracks are less likely to accumulate dirt than any other window style. Double hung windows are also easy to open and close because of built-in springs in the windows. To top it all off, double hung windows are reasonably priced due to their wide selection.

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Like double hung windows, Slider windows are another common style of window. Slider windows are similar in design to double hung windows, but instead of opening vertically like double hungs, slider windows open horizontally along top and bottom tracks. Most slider windows allow for both sashes to slide, while others will have one fixed sash and one that can slide open. This simple design makes the slider window an affordable choice for a homeowner looking for replacement options, though the sizes and shapes are much more limited in options compared to double hung windows.

SLIDER  Window


Casement windows are the third most popular window style following double hung and slider windows. The biggest difference between these windows is the fact that casement windows have a hinged sash that swings open like a door, which allows for free airflow. Casement windows normally work by turning a crank or just by hand. The biggest benefit is their sealed tightly, making casement windows a great choice for both security and insulating your home.

casement window


Picture windows are usually referred to as fixed windows since they are completely fixed to a frame and cannot open or close. This type of window is primarily used to supply natural sunlight and views where ventilation is not needed. The permanent seal for picture windows makes these windows one of the best options for insulation and energy savings. A common type of window in most homes due to their simplicity, picture windows are also one of the most affordable styles of windows on the market.



Bay and Bow windows are a combination of windows that form a large unit, typically consisting of a large picture window in the center with double hung or casement windows on either side of the picture window. The difference between the bay and bow windows is that bay windows can offer a more traditional square look while bow windows are more rounded and modern-looking. These types of window styles are more than likely going to be in the front of homes. This makes bay and bow windows a visual centerpiece for living and family rooms. They supply a strong visual aesthetic, stronger than other window styles. In some cases these windows can offer seating or shelf space that can be used to display and grow your houseplants. Unfortunately, bay and bow windows are some of the most expensive window options available. Also, because of the large surface area of the window, bay and bow windows are also not as insulating as other window styles, making bay and bow windows much less energy efficient

BAY/BOW Window


Garden windows are like a much smaller version of a bay window. These types of windows protrude slightly outward from the side of the home. Unlike a bay window, garden windows are typically found in the kitchen area above the counter or sink. These windows supply more natural sunlight than any other window styles, with most garden windows having side panels that can be opened and closed to allow ventilation. Like bay and bow windows, garden windows can also be used to showcase the homeowners’ plants and herbs. Since garden windows are much smaller in size than bay and bow windows, they are more energy efficient but can be more expensive than traditional window styles of the same size.



Now that you’ve had the opportunity to learn about the different styles of windows available, the next step is to decide which ones are right for you. At Mt. Pleasant Window & Remodeling Co., our design consultants will work closely with you to design great looking windows for your home, no matter how simple or complex your window choices may be.. Schedule your own window appointment today.

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