Nine Things to Know About Windows

You probably don’t think about your windows much—but we think about them all the time! So much, in fact, that we’ve developed this handy list for you to learn more about your windows, how they work, how they save you money, how they help your curb appeal, and how they can actually create more space in your home’s interior.

Nine Things to Know About Windows
  1. That’s right! Your windows, if installed as double panes with Argon gas and Low-E coating, keep out the winter chill and the summer heat. In fact, if you replace your single-pane windows with new double-pained, energy-efficient ones, you could save up to $400 in one year.
  2. Your windows don’t last forever. Windows that are even just 10 years old could show signs of wear and tear that can mean that they are letting cold air into your home during winter and warm air in during summer.
  3. Types of Windows

    Wood and vinyl are popular choices. They are both low-maintenance and easy to clean. Wood gives a warmth and style that match the wood floors in many homes. Vinyl can be made in nearly any color to complement your home’s interior or exterior.

  4. If you want to buy the window that’s the most energy efficient, then you should buy a casement window that locks securely. However, sliders, double hung, and bay windows are great choices for money-saving window replacement too.
  5. Decorate Your Windows

    Add custom grilles. Grilles look like they divide your windows into equal parts. You can pick the color—they don’t just come in white—and you can also pick the style of the grille.

  6. Purchase architectural windows. Try architectural windows for special shapes. For example, semi-circle, triangular, and octagonal shapes lend authenticity to an traditional home or an interesting look for a modern-style home.
  7. Glass treatments not only look beautiful, they also serve a purpose: the frosted or bubbled look allows light in while making it difficult to see into a house.
  8. Get More Space and Light in Your House

    If you’d like more room in your kitchen, dining room, living room, or great room, install a bay window. Since bay and bow windows both jut out into your exterior, you have extra space indoors for a window garden or a decorative area in your home.

  9. You can replace a particular kind of window with another one, or with the same type. You can even changed the window opening to be larger or smaller than the original. Many homeowners choose to widen and lengthen windows to allow more light into their home, and because they would like to have a better view of the outside.

If you’re interested in hiring a window contractor, call 724-200-8494 Mt. Pleasant Window & Remodeling today. We can offer you energy-efficient, space-maximizing replacement windows that will make your home look beautiful on the inside while increasing your curb appeal on the outside.

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