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Garden Windows Add a Touch of the Outside to Your Home

If you love flowers—or you’re a cook who likes to grow your own herbs—a garden window can be a beautiful addition to your home. Garden windows are specialty windows that have a layer of glass on top and on either side, to let abundant sunshine in so that you plants can grow. It also has at least one shelf (and sometimes several tiers of shelves) so that you can design your in-home garden around them.

Garden Windows Add a Touch of the Outside to Your Home

What is a Garden Window?

Garden windows look a bit like a bow or bay window. It has glass on three sides, and juts out from a house. It’s a bit smaller than a bow or bay, because its main purpose is to grow plants, instead of to let extra light in the home, more space, or additional ventilation. The effect of windows on both sides and the top makes it look like a greenhouse—one that’s just right in your home!

Energy Efficient Windows Save You Money

Today’s windows are much more energy efficient than they were just ten years ago. With proper, professional installation, they will keep the heat out of your home in the summer and the cold air out during the winter. If you touch an energy-efficient window, it will be the same temperature as the inside of your house, because no cold or warm air is seeping through. In the Northeast United States, replacing single-pane windows with energy-efficients one can save you $400 per year!

Garden Window Construction

Most homeowners like their > installed at their kitchen window, because it’s easy to water the plants right from the kitchen sink. However, some like to install garden windows in their living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms so that they can enjoy an indoor garden anywhere in their home.

If you are interested in a garden window, it’s important that an experienced, professional window company performs the installation. Setting up and mounting this window isn’t a simple process, because it juts out from the house and requires three-sided panes of glass. Call a professional like Mt. Pleasant Window for proper garden window installation.

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