Benefits of Double-Hung Windows


Offering uncompromising convenience and versatility, double-hung windows have become the standard in window design, delivering a stylish look and flexible ventilation options. They’ve overtaken their single-hung cousins by providing many more opening configurations. The two independent window sashes can be lifted up from the bottom and moved down from the top, creating twice the amount of ventilation found in the single-sash design. This extra ventilation maximizes air flow, carrying fresh air deep into the home.

If replacement windows are being considered for the home, a set of windows offering more features has to be tempting as long as the price is right. A traditional single-hung design may be a less expensive and simpler option as it uses one movable sash and one fixed sash, but the design is harder to clean than double-hung windows. Two sashes offer more opening choices, allowing easier maintenance. The options go further, with many designs providing a mechanism for the two sashes to be tilted in order to direct a refreshing breeze. So, although slightly more expensive, double-hung windows certainly win points for practicality.

Replacement windows come in many pleasing styles and include modern technologies for keeping the heat in and the cold out. They’re easy to clean, made of a superior quality of glass and built to slide along the frame snugly and easily, as if on a oiled tracks. The sign of quality of new windows is their ease of opening and their endless options to position either of the double-hung windows. Of course, another highly desirable feature in choosing the ideal window design is the material of the frame and sash. Material selection determines the aesthetic look of the window and how well it insulates against the elements beyond the boundaries of the home. Wood has enduring character and decent insulating properties, but vinyl windows have an aesthetic appeal that can look both classic and modern.

Do some homework while considering those replacement windows. In addition to aesthetics, vinyl windows don’t require sealing, unlike wood. Vinyl windows are also cheaper to install than window frames and sashes constructed of wood. Get to know all of this information, tucking it away before finalizing a choice. The replacement windows are going to be a part of the home for a very long time and can’t simply be swapped if they don’t work out, at least not without spending more money.

Flesh out shopping choices, and narrow those choices based on whether vinyl windows match the look of the house. Visualize beyond the point where the double-hung windows have been fitted, to when they need to be cleaned. Their design mechanism means easier cleaning from within the house, eliminating the need for ladders and scaffolding. All that’s needed is a firm shove of the top or bottom sash, perhaps a slight tilt of one of the sashes to allow an arm to reach the far corners of the glass.

Double-hung window are the replacement windows of choice for homeowners looking for elegance of design, versatile operation, and easy maintenance.

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Darrell and April really helped me out. I bought new windows from Mt. Pleasant Window and they did a great install. However, one arrived broken from delivery.

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