Always Use a Quality Window Replacement Company

You need new replacement windows, but you’re not sure who to call. Lots of homeowners feel this way, because there are so many window companies competing for your business. While you may certainly want to ask your neighbors who they have used, remember that their needs, and their budget, may not match yours.

Hiring a Professional Window Contractor

Always Use a Quality Window Replacement Company

Here are some tips to find a qualified company or contractor. Be sure that:

  • They are insured and licensed in your state. Before you do anything else—no matter how good they say their prices are—be sure they have the necessary license and insurance information. All window contractors must have a license number for the state or states that they work in. They should have this information on all of their work forms and their business cards. If they don’t have it—don’t use them.
  • They are not pushy. Some contractors concentrate mostly on the sale, instead of thinking about that the customer is looking for. If you invite someone into your house, and they only talk about the price of the windows, then you haven’t found a quality contractor. What should ideally happen is that the window company salesperson asks what the homeowner needs. You should hear questions like:
    • Is your house too cold in the winter and too warm in the summer?
    • Do you feel a draft if you stand next to your window in the winter?
    • Do you know when the existing windows were installed?
    • Do you feel that you energy bills are too high during times of extreme weather?
    • What is your budget for windows?
    • What kind of monthly energy savings are you expecting?
  • They explain replacement windows, warranty, and installation in a way that’s easy to understand. There are hundreds of different kinds of windows. Some are vinyl, while others are wood. Some homeowners prefer the ease of double-hung windows, while other may want the beauty and space created by a bay window. It can be confusing and time-consuming to review all of this information, but a knowledgeable window contractor will be able to talk about these matters.
  • They can tell you how energy-efficient replacement windows are. Window installers should be able to discuss the various kinds of windows and how efficient certain models are. Many reasonable replacement windows are such an improvement from what was produced just a decade or two ago that—while they are an investment—they are still quite affordable. Plus, replacement windows can save you hundreds of dollars a year in heating costs!
  • They work within your budget. When you accept an estimate from a contractor, they should stick to the price that you’re quoted on the contract. You’ve accepted the estimate and signed a contract, and now they should be adhering to the contact also.

If you are looking for a quality replacement window contractor in the Irwin or Greensburg area, give Mt. Pleasant Window a call. We have decades of experience and can help you choose the right windows for both your home and your budget.

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It was a pleasure working with Joe G. & Charlie G. The windows look great and they took time to demo them. Will recommend to others for future projects!

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Darrell installed a new glass window and sweep in our fiberglass door today. He did an excellent job and was courteous and well experienced to do the job.

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Darrell and April really helped me out. I bought new windows from Mt. Pleasant Window and they did a great install. However, one arrived broken from delivery.

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