5 Things To Look For When Hiring a Contractor

You’ve finally decided to commit to that bath remodel or window project you’ve been holding off of. But, unless you’re a highly skilled laborer or installer, you’ll need to hire a home remodeling contractor before the project can start. And while finding a price point that fits within your budget is important, it shouldn’t be your only deciding factor on who you will end up hiring to do the remodeling. To make things a little easier, Mt. Pleasant Window & Remodeling has compiled a short list of additional factors you need to consider when selecting the right contractor for your home improvement project.

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It is an unfortunate reality, but there are many “fly by night” contractors in the home remodeling business. These “contractors” will show up one day, to take your money and leave the next day before your project is complete. You want to avoid these “contractors” at all costs. Thankfully, you can sniff them out by asking yourself a few important questions:

“Does this contractor have an office, a storefront and/or a showroom?”

A company with a brick and mortar location will more than likely follow through on your project.

“Does the contractor have all their licenses, certifications and is their insurance up to date?”

You want to make sure your project complies with legal and zoning requirements. If something unfortunate does happen during the renovation, you’ll want to be sure the contractor’s insurance will cover all costs.

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Make sure you seek out a contractor or home improvement company with a positive reputation. There is a reason they have that reputation after all. Ensure they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or associated with memberships such as the Chamber of Commerce. You’ll also want to look up reviews, testimonials and ask for references. If they can’t provide any, you may want to start looking elsewhere.


You should expect your contractor or home improvement company to always be professional. This includes being organized, respectful of you and your property and detail oriented. They should provide written quotes, proposals or estimates. Contracts and paperwork of any kind should be organized and legal. You should not have to worry about being pressured into decisions or agreements.


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Some homeowners want to know every detail of their door, window or bath project while others prefer a hands-off experience. If you’re part of the former, you’ll want to make sure your contractor or home improvement company is willing to answer all your questions. Honesty and transparency are also crucial. This applies to every part of the agreement, including the installation, the products, warranties as well as any other general business practices. If they are unwilling to be open with you when you ask your questions, that should be an immediate red flag to not do business with them.


Workmanship can be divided into two parts:

Has the work been done properly by the installers?

Does the finished project match your design vision?

When the contractor calls a job complete, is it quality work that meets legal codes, guidelines and regulations? Do they offer and let you choose between more than one product or option, or are they pushing their preference on you? Can they provide project photos from previous jobs? These are all important questions to ask.

Once you feel confident that you’ve found the right contractor that meets the criteria listed above and can do the job at a fair price, you can sign a contract in confidence knowing you’ve made a sound choice. Mt. Pleasant Window & Remodeling Co. has been serving the community since 1975 and has been A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau for over 30 years. Considering hiring a bath, window or door contractor? We offer free consultations to all our potential customers. Schedule yours today by calling 724-200-8494 or Contact us online!

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