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Mt. Pleasant Window and Remodeling Staff

Why It’s Important: Believe it or not, many contractors use a pickup truck for an office and showroom. Make sure that any contractor you’re dealing with is substantial enough to have a real office with all the normal business functions–accounting, production, sales, etc.

Dick - President

Dick – President

Rich - Vice President - Manager

Rich – Vice President – Manager

Wendy - Office Manager

Wendy – Office Manager

Alisha - Secretary

Alisha – Secretary

Mike - Job Foreman

Mike – Job Foreman

Matt - Job Foreman

Matt – Job Foreman

David - Sales Rep.

David – Sales Rep.

Darrell - Service

Darrell – Service

Paul - Installer

Paul – Installer

Jimmy - Installer

Jimmy – Installer

One of our fleet vehicles

One of our fleet vehicles