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Bay and Bow Windows in Pittsburgh, PA

Bay and Bow Windows in Pittsburgh, PA
Bay Window

When you’re looking for windows that open up your property, bay and bow windows fit the bill. Bay windows are designed with a large center window and two smaller windows on each side. Bow windows are comprised of up to four or more windows and are joined together to form a curved effect. Though both windows are designed differently, they offer similar advantages.

Better Ventilation

Because they’re designed with numerous windows, bay and bow windows bring in a cool breeze from different directions.

More Natural Light and a Better View

Bay and bow windows give you a panoramic view of the outdoors, so you can enjoy looking out from the comfort of your home. They’re also bigger than most replacement windows, thus bringing more natural light into your property.

Makes the Indoors Look Bigger

Thanks to the protruding shape of bay and bow windows, they create the illusion of making your indoor space appear bigger. Some bay window designs offer a window seat board at the base, so you have more room to sit and enjoy the view.

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Increases Home Value

Bay and bow windows come in a variety of gorgeous designs and sizes, so it’s no surprise that your home’s aesthetic increases as well. With your home’s architecture improved, your property value increases, making bay and bow windows a good investment if you’re planning to sell your home.

Mt. Pleasant will Install Your Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and Bow Windows in Pittsburgh, PA
Bay and Bow Windows

Contact Mt. Pleasant Window and Remodeling when your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania property is in need of bay and/or bow windows. We offer an assortment of bay and bow window styles, making it easier to find a window that fits your property’s aesthetic.

Once you’ve chosen from our gallery, we’ll install your new bay or bow windows in your home. Our fully licensed and certified technicians will handle the procedure, ensuring that your new windows won’t get damaged during the installation process. Give us a call at 724-264-3252 for a free estimate. We also offer other replacement windows if you’re looking to add more window styles on your property.