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Vinyl Advantages – Quantum2

Mt. Pleasant Windows & Remodeling vinyl windows and patio doors are made from the highest quality of vinyl and offer the benefit of thermal performance, beauty, and minimal maintenance.

  • Coastal corrosion resistance: vinyl is much better at resisting corrosive salt air than aluminum, making a better option for coastal applications.
  • Minimal Maintenance: KensingtonWindows vinyl products require virtually no maintenance, they resist mold, rust and flaking, and only the occasion wipe down will keep them looking like new for years.
  • Beauty for years: unlike aluminum frames, KensingtonWindows vinyl products will never pit, flake or corrode, and because vinyl durable frames are already colored and finished there is no need to sand, paint or touch them up.
  • Superior corner joints: all Mt. Pleasant Windows & Remodeling vinyl windows and patio doors use are designed with heavy duty vinyl with all corner joints physically fused together for extraordinary strength.

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