Your Entry Door in the Winter

The entryway of your home or business takes on much wear and tear, especially during winter. From freezing temperature extremes, to ice and snow invasions, and hardware concerns, it is important to ready your entry doors for winter. At Mt. Pleasant Window, Door & Siding, we have all of the entry door services that you need to fully prepare your entry door this season.

-Identify Entry Door Issues or Potential Problems

The first thing to do when preparing your entrance way and entry door for winter time, is to identify any obvious issues or hidden concerns. Are hardware and locks properly functioning? Is there any presence of a draft? Does your entry door shut and seal tightly and evenly? If not, then your entry door needs serviced as soon as possible.

-Repair Small Fixes & Keep Up with Door Maintenance

Keeping up with entry door maintenance is imperative to the longevity of the entryway itself. By repairing small fixes, you can prevent minor issues from turning into huge problems later. Be it tightening hardware, lubricating hinges, stopping air leaks, or otherwise, slight entry door maintenance will greatly benefit you and your space.

-Replace the Broken and Unusable

No matter how good you are at identifying or repairing entryway concerns, eventually all entry doors need to be replaced. Once loose hardware, crooked door frames, and other entry door elements of your space need constant repairing, you may simply be in need of a replacement.

At Mt. Pleasant Window, Door & Siding, we have all of the entry doors services that you need to ready your entryway for Greensburg’s winter weather. Contact us now by calling 724-264-3252 for more information, or to set up an entry door repair or replacement consultation. Have peace of mind knowing that your entryway is secure and winter ready, by trusting in our entry door experts of Mt. Pleasant Window & Remodeling today!