There are many benefits a homeowner can enjoy by getting ProVia doors for the patio. For one, they are made of durable materials that will last a homeowner for many years. In short, an individual is purchasing patio doors that are made to last! Consider just a few of the other benefits of these doors for the patio.

An Attractive Appearance

The solid wood interior of these doors makes them one of the highlights of a room’s décor. A homeowner has a choice between oak, cherry or maple. Furthermore, each type of wood is available in different shades of color making it easy for a homeowner to find exactly what he or she is looking for. For a homeowner who prefers to have doors with a painted interior, there are a variety of colors to choose from including forest green, vallis red and sterling gray along with others. A homeowner is sure to find an interior finish that meets with his or her preferences.

Energy Efficiency

These doors for the patio offer a home advanced insulation. The doors have triple weatherstripping which means they are expert at keeping the cold air out and the heat in during the wintertime. In the summer months, the cool air stays in while the heat stays out! Homeowners will likely see a more reasonable heating and cooling bill courtesy of their new doors.

Easy to Clean

The outside as well as the interior of these doors are easy to clean. This makes a difference for a homeowner who wants doors that continue to look their best through the years. Anyone looking for doors that require very little maintenance will be happy with their ProVia doors.

Appealing Handle Sets

For homeowners who love to focus on the details in the décor, these doors have handle sets that are as attractive as the patio doors themselves. The handle sets are available in materials such as brass, nickel and bronze. Some homeowners consider these handle sets to be lovely finishing touches to their beautiful new doors.

Ease of Operation

There are families who frequently use their patio doors throughout the day. Some households have young children who like to spend hours at a time in the yard. Other families have pets that need to go outside on a regular basis. The doors can be opened and closed with ease by the members of a family.


These doors are single key entry which means a homeowner can feel at ease about home security. Any homeowner who is concerned about this issue may want to opt for Provia doors to garner a little extra peace of mind.

Finally, ProVia offers every homeowner professional and courteous customer service. The owners of the company believe in establishing a reputation for trustworthy, excellent work. The folks at ProVia want to make sure that every homeowner is left with a beautiful set of doors along with a favorable impression of the company.