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Replacement Window Contractor – Murrysville, PA

Homeowners find that replacing windows is a simple way to update their home, enjoy a comfortable indoor temperature, and increase their energy savings.

Why Do Homeowners Replace Windows?

When you walk by your window in January—or in July—do you feel the cold air seeping in or the hot air burning through the window? If so, it’s time to get your windows replaced. Even replacing windows that are only 10 years old can provide you with a hefty savings, because the glass pane is now treated with materials that repel both the outdoors’ cold and heat.

Great Energy Savings

If your windows are older, you’ll experience a significant amount of energy loss, either through cold or heat air entering or escaping your home. In the winter, when cold air moves in and warm air escapes, your heater will run 24 hours a day. It’s a similar scenario in the summer, when your air conditioner is running all day and night. With new windows, your glass will contain a high insulation value in both the glass and frames that will save you money every season.


Your windows add beauty to both the inside and outside of your home. Putting in new replacement windows will change the look of your whole house without having to replace siding or start another major project. If you choose to add a bow or bay window, you’ll also be adding more space to the inside of your home.

Replacement Window Styles

Replacement windows come in both wood and vinyl. Wood windows are made with special polymers so that they are weatherproof, yet retain their warm, rich look. You can pick your finish—anything from oak, to maple, to cherry.

Vinyl windows require no maintenance and come in dozens of colors to complement your home’s siding or brick. They are easy to maintain and clean, and come in many different price points.

Replacement Window Types

Our window options for both vinyl replacement and wood replacement windows include:

  • Double Hung. Our most popular window type. Saves energy and is easy to clean.
  • Sliders. Perfect for narrow and large horizontal openings.
  • Picture. A large pane of glass that shows off a yard or garden.
  • Casement. The most energy-efficient windows available due to locking mechanism.
  • Bow and Bay. Add space to the inside of your house while expanding the view of the outside.
  • Architectural Shapes. We can order windows in any shape, including semi-circles and triangles.

Common Window FAQs

If you have questions about replacement windows, we have answers.

This is a new construction home! Why do I feel the cold air coming in?
Unfortunately, most new-construction homes are built with high-grade materials, but low-grade windows. You were probably expecting better windows for your Murrysville home, and you’d now like state-of-the-art windows to match the rest of your house. Mt. Pleasant Window can help you pick new replacement windows with high energy-efficient materials for your new construction home.

I love the look of wood windows, but I’m worried that they will warp or crack. Should I choose vinyl instead?
No! If you love the look of real wood—and many Murrysville homeowners do—Mt. Pleasant Windows sells windows that are made with real wood interiors along with polymer exteriors that will look beautiful and elegant. Best of all, these wood windows don’t require any maintenance.

Call Mt. Pleasant Window and Remodeling Co. today. We’re happy to come out to your Murrysville home and talk to you about upgrading your windows. You’ll save money and add value to your home with new replacement windows.